17th July 2024 

Waterloo and New Malden
Online Sessions Available

Counselling and Psychotherapy in New Malden, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey and nearby South West London including Wimbledon.

What should I expect from therapy?

You should expect one or a series of confidential appointments of up to an hour in length in a suitable professional setting.

The process should also provide you with the opportunity to:

make sense of your individual circumstances
have contact with a therapist who will help identify the choices for change
feel supported during the process of change
reach a point where you are better equipped to cope with the future
Is counselling and psychotherapy confidential?

Everything you discuss is confidential between you and the counsellor or psychotherapist.

Will I get hooked on therapy?

The goal of any talking treatment is your increased self-awareness, skill acquisition and independence. During therapy, you may develop some feelings of reliance upon the therapist. Although a normal reaction it can, at times, feel worrying, but a professional therapist knows exactly how to handle these feelings and will genuinely be interested in helping you make progress.

How can I get counselling or psychotherapy for a family member or friend?
Usually this isn’t possible. A person cannot be ’sent’ for counselling or psychotherapy. They must wish to use the service and make the approach themselves. By all means, find out the names of therapists on their behalf but do encourage a direct approach by the person who needs the help if at all possible.

Acknowledgement: BACP